We build Dies, Large and Small; Line Dies, Progressive Dies.

Die making has changed a lot over the years, i.e., EDM Wire EDM and CAD-CAM. Excel has made every effort to keep up with technology and machines. Technology Allows us to do some amazing things, but it is no substitute for experience, and we Have been in business for over 50 Years; building, repairing and doing engineering changes for the automotive, hardware and home products industries.

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Quality checks are made on all replacement pieces. Future replacement pieces are sure to fit. Our shop philosophy/MOTTO is "Quality Begins and Ends with Me." Excel is dedicated to this work ethic.

"Reverse Engineering" is employed via an in-house Droop and Rein with a Fidia control, and a Renishaw "Cyclone" Digitizer. These machines scan the surfaces/contours and convert the data to surfaces. An entirely new piece can be precision cut using CNC. This can be invaluable, especially for customers who don't know who originally built their tool, or if the tool was built offshore.


Good working tools begin with good Design. Preliminary Designs are sent for Customer approval. After the customer approves or recommends changes, the design is modified as needed. With today's technology, this can be done very rapidly.

One thing that is very clear, by doing a repair on the tools, you learn that some areas should have been inserted or a spare insert, made and put on a shelf. This observation is evaluated and relayed back to our customer. This improvement will ultimately reduce downtime and save you money. We have improved our Designs and lessened the downtime to our customer. 

Experience is very evident in our Design.

Progressive Dies - Line Dies

We have the Equipment and Expertise to build a variety of Dies. Thirteen CNC Machines can and often do run 24/7.