"Cuting Edge Technology” is well embraced at Excel. Excel is proud of the CAD, CAM, and CNC machines and what these machines do for its customers. In return, these customers appreciate Excel’s know-how. Excel Tool has been building, repairing and doing engineering changes on dies and molds for over 50 years and knows the difference between what works well and what may not work at all. Excel couples this experience with customer consultations to design a tool that will function well, and not be a production or maintenance problem.

From Conception To Completion

Excel Tool began in 1967, in a 2,500 square foot building. The first year we grew to (12) employees and our growth was limited by the small building. In 1968 we built a new steel building 100' by 100’. Since then we have added (3) new additions and increased our square footage to 50,000 square feet.

We added (2) 20 ton bridge cranes and numerous JIB cranes to handle the large work. In our beginning the machines were all manual; now we have (13) CNC machines to add to our equipment list.

Very few shops build & service both Dies and Molds; but we do and have been for several years.

Please look at our literature and see how we can help you.

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The size and scope of our work include plastic injection molds, structural foam molds, and sheet metal stamping dies, repairs, custom machining services, and special machine building. Excel often provides two or more of these services to the same customer.

Excel possesses a unique combination of skills not commonly found in a single shop.

In today’s world, lead times are critical. Excel’s liaisons and designers are constantly on the lookout for innovative ways to improve quality and efficiencies.

  • Design, Manufacture, and Repair of Plastic Injection Molds, Structural Foam Molds, Sheet Metal Dies, and Special Machines.